SPARQL Text to SPIN RDF Syntax Converter

SPARQL Query Text:

Output format: Turtle RDF/XML


SPIN RDF Syntax to SPARQL Text Converter

SPIN RDF File (containing SPIN RDF Syntax triples):

Input format: Turtle RDF/XML


Using the SPIN RDF Converter as Web Service

Here is how to access those services through a REST-based API. The service is absolutely free and there is no daily limit or whatever other constraint. The URL of the server is


Converts a given SPARQL string to SPIN RDF triples.


Name Description
id ="sparql2spin"
text The SPARQL expression string. Must be a valid ASK, CONSTRUCT, DESCRIBE or SELECT query. The server uses Jena ARQ to parse the query, and most of the ARQ extensions will be understood, including LET, COUNT and property paths.
format "xml" or "turtle" - the desired output format

Result: An RDF file that contains the query in SPIN RDF format.


Converts a given SPARQL RDF file to a SPARQL string.


Name Description
id ="spin2sparql"
rdf The source code of the RDF file that contains a SPARQL query encoded as SPIN RDF triples.
format "xml" or "turtle" - the format of the RDF input

Result: The SPARQL query as a string.


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